We’re Making Big Summer Travel Plans

We’re Making Big Summer Travel Plans

As we get closer to summertime, we’re discussing team travel plans around the Legacy Business Solutions office. Matthew, our firm’s CEO, explained that we view business travel as a major investment in professional growth. We’re all looking forward to hitting the road this summer, including to another state for a national meeting and to other local offices to share our knowledge. These are a few of the reasons why business travel is so important:

• Networking Opportunities: The more we venture out to leadership conferences, R&R retreats, and cross-training events, the more we can expand our contact lists. We’ve found that the connections we make when we travel as a team can pay off in a variety of ways, including great advice and potential future partnerships.

• Time Management Skills: We’ve learned a lot about maximizing the hours in a day thanks to our business trips. Most of our excursions feature so many benefits that we have to carefully plan to make the most of them. We bring valuable time-management insights back to Legacy Business Solutions to streamline our processes.

• Stronger Team Bonds: Getting away from our work roles also helps us get to know each other better on a personal level. There are plenty of shared interests and unique traits we might not get to see around the office, but they come into full view when we’re on the road.

We look forward to a summer filled with memorable team trips. Follow Legacy Business Solutions on Instagram for updates on our travel schedule.