The Collaborative Impact at Legacy Business Solutions

At Legacy Business Solutions, we know that there are few things more powerful than cohesive teamwork. Our head-turning promotional initiatives depend on the harmonious collaboration our team leverages to produce amazing outcomes. Our experienced leaders guide our newest executives through a comprehensive training regimen that ensures their professional success as they wield the most futuristic strategies in the industry. We highly value the contributions everyone in our group has to offer, and they are subsequently rewarded appropriately at Legacy Business Solutions.

Exceptional Talent

Every campaign we deliver is a result of the hard work our executives invest into producing top-quality initiatives. At Legacy Business Solutions, professionalism, innovation, and integrity are held in high regard, and we are committed to maintaining an inspirational, supportive, and upbeat atmosphere.

Legacy Business Solutions’ CEO

Matt Ruhlman, CEO

Born and raised in Michigan, Matt attended Alma College. Between classes, he also excelled on the institution’s football team. These experiences instilled in him an appreciation of teamwork, healthy communication, and effort – all of which shine through in his management style today.

Matt credits the success of his career and his business to relentless networking with his mentors. He believes that the key to moving forward is finding someone in a prestigious position and being humble enough and disciplined enough to heed his or her guidance. Matt also lives by the motto that, instead of wondering when the next vacation will be, it is better to create a life that doesn’t need to be escaped. It’s a matter of making ordinary what others find extraordinary.

Our Team


Account Manager

“My long term goal is to continue to grow and own my own business and help others achieve their goals along the way.”



“I played sports throughout high school so I love competing and being apart of a team. Working for Legacy has given me the same competitive and close-knit environment that the sports teams did from high school. I’ve been working for legacy since I graduated from college, and I’ve learned a lot from Legacy. They teach you everything from how to manage time, finances, and how to manage my personal life as well as my business. I’m excited to see others flourish and continue to grow with the company!”


Account Manager

Comping from a factory workplace I thought it would be difficulty adjusting to a new work environment. I knew being the “new guy” that label usually comes with feeling separation from others. Not only was I welcomed by the CEO but the rest of my coworkers made me feel at home. They all took the time to make me feel valued and trained me so well and have opened so many possibilities that I never thought I would obtain. I am lucky to have found a company that helps me mold my future and allows me to help others achieve their goals as well.


Sales Rep

I love to compete and push myself to be the best version of myself day in and day out. Legacy has given me this opportunity. This is the first chance I have had to actually grow and succeed in a job. I love that I get to watch others become successful and change their lives. I love that I get to take part in that process. I have become a business man, teacher, student, and teammate through Legacy. I can’t wait to see the growth of this company and be part of it as well.


Account Manager

I came from a sports background playing college football, so working in a competitive and team environment at Legacy makes me feel right at home. I have learned so much about teamwork and leadership from working with Legacy which makes my job not really feel like a job. The team we have here feels like a family to me.


Field Manager

Growing up I always loved to compete and at Legacy every day is a competition. Most people wake up and say they have to go to work, for me I can’t wait to go to work because I enjoy the culture and the comradery so much.


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