Straightforward Strategies for Earning Promotions

Straightforward Strategies for Earning Promotions

More than anything else, over-delivering is the most direct line to regular career advancement. This requires a healthy amount of motivation, but we’ve also discovered around the Legacy Business Solutions office that the following simple strategies help make consistent excellence more attainable.

Getting organized is a key first step toward attention-getting great performance. When we know where everything is, we’ve found that we’re more likely to achieve productive results on an accelerated timeline. Simply cleaning out your desk is a small step that will make a significant difference in your productivity.

We’ve also learned that asking for feedback from supervisors can put us on the fast track to greater success. After all, it’s easier to go beyond expectations if you know exactly what your manager expects. We take the input we receive from our Legacy Business Solutions leaders to make meaningful improvements that get us closer to our intended outcomes.

Of course, we can’t perform at our peak levels if we aren’t well rested. That’s why it’s so important to take breaks as we work toward our ambitious goals. We’re careful to get at least seven hours of sleep every night, but we also use short meditation sessions throughout the workday to stay focused.

We’re putting these techniques to good use as we strive to reach our professional goals.