Simple Interview Strategies for Jobseekers

Simple Interview Strategies for Jobseekers

We’ve met with a wide range of talented candidates as Legacy Business Solutions Inc continues to surpass growth goals. Through these experiences, we’ve noticed that the best candidates tend to use the following strategies to boost their chances of getting hired.

When it comes to the typical, “Where will you be in five years?” question, the most impressive candidates frame their responses in terms of personal improvement. If we know a potential hire is serious about steadily sharpening his or her skills, we feel confident about adding that person to our Legacy Business Solutions Inc culture.

We also look for strong team players whenever we evaluate candidates. When we ask how well a person works with teammates, we want to hear specific examples of when he or she contributed to major team victories. It’s nice to hear people say they work well with others, but we like to hear compelling stories to back up their assertions.

When it comes to a person’s weaknesses, we just want to hear honest answers. Rather than disguise a strength as a weak area – like when people say they care too much – we prefer for potential hires to be their authentic selves. As long as they’re consciously working toward improvement, we find it helpful to understand where someone’s skills might be lacking.

These winning approaches help candidates win interviews. To find out more about our company culture, follow us on