Proven Ways to Improve as a Speaker

Proven Ways to Improve as a Speaker

Public speaking is an essential ability for professionals, so they’re naturally emphasized in our Legacy Business Solutions training program. We don’t stop improving as presenters once we complete our initial training, though. Here are a few confidence-boosting strategies we use every time we speak in front of an audience.

Before any speech, we research the audience as much as possible. We want to know who our listeners will be and what their primary business concerns are. With that knowledge on our side, we can better frame our messages to make the greatest possible impact.

Just as knowing the audience is essential in making an effective speech, we also do what we can to get comfortable with the venue. We’re careful to arrive early for any Legacy Business Solutions presentation, and we’ve been known to check out a room days in advance of an event. When we have a good feel for the stage, we’re more confident from the first moments of the speech.

We’ve also found that the first and last 30 seconds of every presentation are crucial to making a strong impression. By including a memorable story in every introduction, we get our listeners on board right off the bat. We then repeat our main points during our conclusions so that audience members leave feeling educated and inspired.

These strategies help us speak with more confidence.