PRESS RELEASE:Legacy Business Solutions Team Members Attend Relaxing Retreat

PRESS RELEASE:Legacy Business Solutions Team Members Attend Relaxing Retreat

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Legacy Business Solutions’s Admin detailed a recent R&R trip to Punta Cana and the team members who attended the event. The company’s CEO highlighted a few of the team-building benefits that come with travel.

The opportunity to travel is built into the Legacy Business Solutions culture. Beth, the firm’s Admin, explained, “Trips of all types fill up our team’s calendars, from conferences and seminars to exotic retreats. Right now, we’re preparing for a rest and relaxation trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Our assistant managers, Julian and Tyler, will be attending in recognition of their dedication.”

Team member recognition is a frequent occurrence around the Legacy Business Solutions office. The Admin stated, “We want our people to know their efforts are appreciated. If we can combine genuine recognition with the chance to broaden horizons through travel, I consider that a win-win.” Julian and Tyler have proven themselves worthy of recognition through their consistent performance. Beth added, “They deserve to go on this trip because they’re so reliable and set the right examples for their teammates.”

Although the R&R trip is mostly about unwinding in a beautiful setting, there will also be plenty of opportunities to network with influential industry leaders. “There will be lots of talented people in attendance during the Punta Cana retreat,” Beth remarked. “Julian and Tyler will be able to discuss best practices with their high-achieving peers and learn valuable insights from accomplished leaders as well.”

Legacy Business Solutions’s CEO on the Team-Strengthening Benefits of Team Travel

Showing appreciation for excellent performance is one good reason to pursue as many team travel opportunities as possible. Matt, Legacy Business Solutions’s CEO, believes business trips also create stronger bonds between associates. He remarked, “Our people get to know each other on a deeper level when they venture away from the office together. They also gain fresh perspectives on the value of their work when they discuss best practices with other highly accomplished professionals at big events.”

Networking at functions such as the Punta Cana R&R also has a way of building stronger camaraderie between team members. Matt commented, “Julian and Tyler will be able to experience this firsthand. They’ll have the chance to discuss our Legacy Business Solutions projects with leaders and peers from all corners of our industry. There’s something inspiring about being able to explain the unique value we provide to other professionals. Combined with the helpful contacts our people make at industry gatherings, these team-building benefits make such events worthy investments.”

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