PRESS RELEASE: Legacy Business Solutions Travels to Build Connections at Christmas Party

PRESS RELEASE: Legacy Business Solutions Travels to Build Connections at Christmas Party

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – The President of Legacy Business Solutions Inc detailed the firm’s upcoming Christmas party and how it will build stronger team bonds. He also outlined the many benefits of team travel.

“We always look forward to our Legacy Business Solutions Inc Christmas Party,” stated Matt, the firm’s President. “This year it’s even more special because it’s taking place in North Carolina. We get to travel as a team and celebrate the season in style. The party will give us an unmatched opportunity to build stronger connections that fuel greater success.”

The party will feature raffles and awards to honor the top performers of 2017. Matt stated, “Our associates will be able to bring their friends and family members to this fun night of team bonding, so we’re looking forward to getting to know each other on a deeper personal level. It will be a great opportunity to recognize our people for their achievements, so having loved ones there will make it even more memorable.”

Reflecting on 2017’s success will be one focal point of the Christmas party, but team members will also be able to look ahead to an even bigger 2018. “I see no reason Legacy Business Solutions Inc can’t continue growing at a steady pace through next year and beyond,” the firm’s President added. “The party will give us all a chance to project into a bright future in a celebratory atmosphere. It’s going to be a great night.”

Legacy Business Solutions Inc’s President on the Benefits of Team Travel Events

Taking advantage of travel perks has always been a frequent occurrence for Legacy Business Solutions Inc team members. Matt explained, “We offer a wide range of travel incentives for our associates throughout the year, including conferences, networking events, and relaxation retreats. Adding one more memorable getaway to the end of the year is just the icing on the cake.”

The team-building benefits of travel are considerable. People who work alongside each other every day get to see personality traits they might not encounter during the normal course of business. “Collaboration around the office seems to get a real boost after our team getaways,” the company’s President added. “I’m sure our associates will come back to work after the Christmas party ready to tackle new challenges.”

Getting away from the office with teammates is also an ideal way to recharge batteries. People gain fresh perspectives on their work when they interact with colleagues in new environments. Matt concluded, “It’s amazing what a new point of view does for you when it comes to unlocking the best ideas. Wherever we go as a team, we make the most of the experience to broaden our horizons and return home freshly energized.”

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