PRESS RELEASE: Legacy Business Solutions Plans Major Expansion

PRESS RELEASE: Legacy Business Solutions Plans Major Expansion

CLEVELAND, OH – Matthew, the CEO of Legacy Business Solutions, discussed the firm’s plans for expansion in the coming months. He outlined the company’s hiring push and the leadership training approach that fuels ongoing growth.

Matthew explained that company leaders hope to expand into three new locations by the end of this season. Three new offices will bring the firm’s innovative consulting and marketing services to a wealth of fresh eyes and ears. The CEO noted that these growth ventures will enable members of Team Legacy Business Solutions to educate new demographics about the value of smart technology solutions from Inspire Energy and other top providers.

Moving into three new regions reflects the firm’s larger emphasis on setting lofty benchmarks. Team members are encouraged to aim high from their first days on the job, and to go beyond their current skill sets whenever possible. By stretching their comfort zones once again through expansion, Legacy Business Solutions account managers put themselves in position to reach new career heights.

With this aggressive expansion, there will be positions available for business-minded individuals. Matthew stated that the ideal hires will be people who are committed to learning new things every day and working as part of a team of innovators. He added that those who are driven to achieve great things along their professional journeys should apply now.

Legacy Business Solutions’ CEO Details the Firm’s Leadership Training Approach

Having a strong foundation of skilled industry leaders is one of the main reasons Legacy Business Solutions is primed for successful expansion. Matthew is confident that team members are well equipped to overcome any challenge that opening three new offices might present thanks to the company’s in-depth development approach.

The CEO explained that the firm’s training program is tailored to meet every associate’s strengths and weaknesses. As they learn all aspects of the company’s operations, incoming team members also learn how to maximize their unique talents. This approach helps people quickly build confidence and find their ideal roles in raising awareness for smart energy solution providers.

In-office coaching plays a key role in the Legacy Business Solutions learning system as well. Matthew noted that new hires are matched with seasoned associates who guide them through the lessons they need to excel in the consulting and marketing services world. Everyone who joins the team receives personal attention and discovers the essential elements of moving forward in a competitive industry.

About Legacy Business Solutions:
Legacy Business Solutions was formed when a diligent group of marketing executives joined forces to produce outreach strategies that could generate leads more effectively than any other approach in the industry. With intense discipline and perseverance, they developed an unforgettable presence in the promotional sector. Thanks to this level of integrity, our business has experienced phenomenal success. To continue on this upward path, we’ve produced a training program that promotes innovation, accountability, and mutual support. As a result, everyone on our team is motivated to generate top-quality results for the services we represent. Our professionals are also rewarded with significant career advancement for their ongoing contributions.