PRESS RELEASE: Legacy Business Solutions Is Making an Impact Through Philanthropy

PRESS RELEASE: Legacy Business Solutions Is Making an Impact Through Philanthropy

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – The President of Legacy Business Solutions Inc discussed the firm’s commitment to social impact and an upcoming fundraising event. He also highlighted a few business benefits of supporting good causes as a team.

“It’s important for Legacy Business Solutions Inc to come together each year as a team and give back to the community,” stated Matt, the firm’s President. “We set aside time from our busy schedules to do something charitable for Michigan colleges. Through these fundraising projects, we strengthen our commitment to philanthropy.” An upcoming golf outing is the latest chance for team members to make a positive impact for a good cause.

Five of the firm’s top performers will be playing in a golf tournament to raise money for local colleges. Matt added, “We believe in giving a healthy dose of recognition to those who apply themselves to hitting ambitious goals. Those selected for the golf outing will be the team members who have set the bar high in recent weeks. Around the Legacy Business Solutions Inc office, being able to make a positive impact is one of the best rewards we can earn.”

The golf tournament will offer attendees a chance to relax and have fun, but there will also be significant networking potential. “Our top performers will be able to connect with leaders from all across our region,” Matt commented. “The insights our attendees bring back home will aid our entire team’s development.”

Participating in giveback events is one of the main ways Legacy Business Solutions Inc stands out in the community. Networking is a big reason for this as well. Matt noted, “The contacts we make in the process help us expand our influence as a customer acquisition firm and as a force for good in our region. The more people know about our commitment to positive social impact and innovative outreach campaigns, the wider audiences we can reach on behalf of our national service partners.”

Legacy Business Solutions Inc’s President on the Business Benefits of Giving Back

Contributing to worthy causes as a team brings an array of benefits to a company. Matt explained, “The camaraderie our people develop as they make a difference in the community pays off in multiple ways back at our office. Our team members learn about shared interests and even hidden talents when they come together to support a charitable effort. Collaborating on the job becomes even smoother as a result.”

Giving back as a team also builds on the firm’s larger commitment to goal setting. Matt stated, “We’re always setting the bar higher for ourselves, with respect to outreach campaigns and personal growth. Every time we come together to support a good cause, we want to make a bigger impact than the prior effort.”

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