PRESS RELEASE: Legacy Business Solutions Builds Positive Team Culture, Begins Hiring Push

PRESS RELEASE: Legacy Business Solutions Builds Positive Team Culture, Begins Hiring Push

The leaders at Legacy Business Solutions are more focused than ever on promoting positivity in the workplace. The firm’s director of operations detailed the culture-enhancing efforts and a new hiring initiative.

“When a team of capable and dedicated professionals work in an affirmative atmosphere, it’s easy to sustain success,” said Matthew, Legacy Business Solutions’ director of operations. “We have always strived to keep positive energy at the center of our promotional campaigns, and we match that feeling in our workspace. Our associates thrive because they know that they will be supported and inspired to do their best work.”

One way the firm’s leaders encourage positivity is through a commitment to professional development. “We know that constantly improving and sharpening skills is a great way to build confidence and keep motivation high among our team members,” added the director. “That’s why we offer so many opportunities for skill enhancement. Whether it’s classroom sessions at the office or seminars and conferences in far-flung locations, we provide our associates with a broad range of developmental activities.”

Reinforcement plays a significant role in the positive atmosphere the firm’s leaders have cultivated. Team members’ achievements are recognized and rewarded in a variety of ways. As Matthew put it, “We love to celebrate our team’s accomplishments, even if it’s just with a few words of gratitude shared individually. Congratulating an executive publicly is a common occurrence too, but I think showing appreciation means more sometimes when it’s personal and private.”

Company leaders also take advantage of team social events as a way to keep spirits high and motivate their associates to keep doing well. Among the many camaraderie-boosting activities the team enjoys are bowling nights, dinner outings, and various office competitions. Combined with travel opportunities like industry conferences and relaxation retreats, these events ensure that the team is unified and inspired.

Legacy Business Solutions’ Director Offers Details on Hiring Initiative

“We’ve seen increased demand for our promotional campaigns,” said Matthew. “With that demand comes a need to build our team of high achievers, and we’re committed to bringing in people who have a passion to improve on a continuous basis. We provide incredible advancement opportunities for business-minded professionals, and we’re excited to add some dynamic new talent to our remarkable group.”

Finding the right cultural fit will be a vital part of Legacy Business Solutions’ hiring push. The director explained, “Of course we’re looking for specific skills and experience, but we also want to determine whether candidates will be good team players and contribute to the positive atmosphere we’ve created. We’re not interested in detracting from our team culture in any way, so we work hard to find people with the right mindsets to thrive.”

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