PRESS RELEASE : Legacy Business Solutions Plans for a Stellar 2016

PRESS RELEASE : Legacy Business Solutions Plans for a Stellar 2016

FARMINGTON HILLS, MI – The Director of Operations at Legacy Business Solutions outlined the firm’s plans to field a more productive team in 2016. He also shared advice on how to construct a collaborative organization.

As company leaders look forward to 2016, they are excited to implement productivity-boosting techniques. “Our associates at Legacy Business Solutions are dedicated and dynamic high achievers,” boasted Matthew, the firm’s Director of Operations. “They consistently exceed expectations, but there is potential for our entire team to push harder. To make our aggressive goals for 2016 a reality, we will need to be more productive. Therefore, we have identified some ways to do so.”

One thing Matthew wants his associates to avoid is multitasking. He explained, “There are many demands on our time every day, so I understand why multitasking seems like an attractive option. Here at Legacy Business Solutions, we know that focusing on too many things at once diminishes the results a person can achieve. That is why we tell our people to concentrate on one important task at a time. Doing so requires discipline and effective time management, but it is the superior approach.”

Matthew also sees e-mail as a threat to every professional’s productivity. “When you are constantly receiving notifications and responding to e-mails, you are operating on other people’s priorities,” he noted. “It is important to be reachable and available to reply to important messages. However, I think you must set aside specific times to do so. I encourage our team members to allocate 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes during the afternoon to check and follow up on e-mails. Watching an inbox all day leads to constant distraction and inefficiency.”

Legacy Business Solutions ’ Director Offers Tips to Create a Collaborative Team

“The best way to ensure your team is highly productive is to create a collaborative culture,” the Director stated. “Here at Legacy Business Solutions, we have worked hard to cultivate an environment that rewards and reinforces teamwork. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, I believe this is the ideal way to do it.”

Matthew and the firm’s leaders foster a collaborative workplace by setting clear goals and sharing them with their associates. The Director remarked, “Everyone needs to be on the same page so they understand everyone else’s responsibilities. It’s much easier to track progress. Plus, you know who to go to when you need help.”

The Director also believes in the value of uniform deadlines and measurement standards. “Consistent scheduling and tracking is important. Every member of your team will feel that his or her contributions are an important part of the big picture,” he concluded.

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