Press Release: Legacy Business Solutions Named Top Place to Work

Press Release: Legacy Business Solutions Named Top Place to Work

FARMINGTON HILLS, MI – Legacy Business Solutions was recently named a Top Place to Work in 2016 by the Fair Business Report. Director of Operations Matthew expressed his excitement at this recognition.


The sales and marketing industry is a talent-driven field. As such, Matthew and his team have dedicated themselves to making Legacy Business Solutions an excellent place to work. It has allowed them to attract and retain some of the most effective marketing specialists in the industry. Receiving the Fair Business Report’s award is validation of their success.


“Culture is extremely important to us at Legacy Business Solutions,” said Matthew. “Our goal is to create an environment that is truly magnetic to talented people. So far, I believe we have been quite successful in this endeavor and this recognition is further proof of that. I am very proud of my team for having achieved it.”


The Top Places to Work Award is given in recognition of companies that create positive and empowering workplaces. To receive the title, companies must receive 10 or more positive peer reviews through the Fair Business Report’s website in a single calendar year.


“We are joining some prestigious companies as a recipient of this award,” Matthew added. “Many winners have achieved further recognition in management, team building, mentorship, philanthropy, and more. As a winner, our profile with the Fair Business Report has been marked as a top place to work.”


By ensuring that Legacy Business Solutions is a great place to work, Matthew asserts that he is investing into the long-term success of the firm. World-class cultures and workplaces tend to vastly outperform competitors. This recognition is another step on the way to the innovative sales and marketing firm achieving massive renown.


Legacy Business Solutions ’ Director Discusses Culture and Recruiting


According to Matthew, the single greatest recruitment tool in the Legacy Business Solutions toolset is the company culture. He believes that the most talented professionals in the industry are almost all motivated by a desire to work in a great environment.


“Everyone needs a reason to get up and go to work in the morning,” he stated. “An environment that supports mutual success and passion is a big motivator for people. Humans are naturally social beings and we tend to love collaborating effectively. That is why we have made teamwork so central to our culture.”


Matthew added that every business has a culture, good or bad; so taking the initiative to make it a positive aspect of the firm is a worthwhile use of time. “We’d much rather spend the time to ensure that our environment is attracting people – not turning them away!” he concluded.


About Legacy Business Solutions

Legacy Business Solutions is a premier consulting and promotional services firm, specializing in an outsourced lead generation strategy that consistently allows brands inroads into new markets. The firm’s talented team of executives leverage meticulous research and analysis to produce tightly-focused messaging that effectively catches the public’s attention. This progressive methodology allows the team members to forge lasting connections between consumers and the services they represent. Furthermore, their reputation for excellence and flexibility has allowed them to meet the diverse needs of a large portfolio of businesses, which includes a rich combination of startups and Fortune 500 companies. To learn more about the company’s innovative approach, visit