Press Release: Legacy Business Solutions Emphasizes Advancement

Press Release: Legacy Business Solutions Emphasizes Advancement

FARMINGTON HILLS, MI – The Director of Operations at Legacy Business Solutions outlined recent promotions on his team and an upcoming networking event. He also discussed the firm’s focus on professional growth through travel.


“We stress professional growth here at Legacy Business Solutions,” declared Matthew, the Director of Operations. “Our talented team members thrive in an empowering atmosphere, and we are always happy to promote our top performers in honor of their efforts. A few of our promotional specialists were recently elevated to leadership roles. I am excited to see what they accomplish.”


High achievers from various offices earned promotions. Tony B. and Anthony A., managing partners from Charlotte, were among the honored team members. Matt A. and Luke N., each a managing partner in the Farmington Hills location, were also promoted. Dan D., managing partner of the Lansing office, and Matt R., CEO of the Grand Rapids location, round out the promoted associates.


“These are major accomplishments for some talented people,” the Director added. “Many of the team members who were promoted will be leading expansions into vibrant new markets. We emphasize setting aggressive goals here at Legacy Business Solutions, and these high achievers clearly reflect that commitment. They also benefit from our awesome training program and use their team-building skills to their advantage. In the process, they promise a brighter future for Legacy Business Solutions and all the brands we promote.”


Legacy Business Solutions ’ Director Highlights Travel Events as Growth Opportunities


The newly promoted team members are eligible to attend this year’s company networking event in Texas. “This gathering is just one example of how we at Legacy Business Solutions use travel opportunities to expand our people’s professional horizons,” Matthew remarked. “I know our new leaders are looking forward to showcasing their achievements at the conference, and I fully expect them to add great new contacts in the process.”


Matthew also recognizes the morale-boosting impact of team travel. He explained, “Of course it’s nice to know that our people are sharpening their skills and forging helpful relationships when they attend industry events. What’s even better is the fact that our team members grow closer as they do these things. At Legacy Business Solutions, we notice deeper connections and stronger collaboration after every business trip. I think those effects are due to our associates learning more about each other on a personal level during their excursions. We will definitely keep finding new travel opportunities for our team.”


About Legacy Business Solutions

Legacy Business Solutions is a premier consulting and promotional services firm, specializing in an outsourced lead generation strategy that consistently allows brands inroads into new markets. The firm’s talented team of executives leverage meticulous research and analysis to produce tightly-focused messaging that effectively catches the public’s attention. This progressive methodology allows the team members to forge lasting connections between consumers and the services they represent. Furthermore, their reputation for excellence and flexibility has allowed them to meet the diverse needs of a large portfolio of businesses, which includes a rich combination of startups and Fortune 500 companies. To learn more about the company’s innovative approach, visit