Owning the Room by Legacy Business Solutions

Owning the Room by Legacy Business Solutions

Whether you’re walking into a room for a meeting, a networking event, or a presentation, there are certain techniques you want to practice in order to gain the results you desire. Our Legacy Business Solutions experts offer some tips to help you own the room and finish what you came there to do.

The real preparation begins before you arrive. Our Legacy Business Solutions team recommends starting with a clear picture of what you plan to accomplish. Do keep it flexible, as you might uncover other information during your presentation that could be impactful. Once you’ve established your goal, do research on your audience before you arrive to understand their specific needs and triggers. This will allow you to craft a message that is meaningful to them and help you attain measurable results.

Be sure that you look professional. Our Legacy Business Solutions associates propose that you carefully plan your wardrobe and double-check all items to be sure that they smell fresh and look neat. Make sure that your hair is combed and that your breath smells clean.

Once there, be sure to smile and be open. Look for nonverbal cues that will indicate your success (or failure) to reach these people. Unplug your phone and electronics so that you’re fully present and listening.

By practicing these techniques, you’ll flourish in any group setting and command an audience like no other.