Networking Bads Legacy Business Solutions Avoids

Networking Bads Legacy Business Solutions Avoids

Could you be making critical errors in the process of making connections? It’s quite likely according to our Legacy Business Solutions team. Thus, if you are doing any of the following, cease and desist now:

• Hearing Instead of Listening: Are you hearing what people are saying but not computing the intent? This happens frequently according to our Legacy Business Solutions experts. If you’re someone who tends to be mentally compiling your own response without trying to understand what others are saying, you could be missing out on important information. This could have an impact on your ability to connect. Practice active listening and watch for nonverbal cues before responding.

• Expectations Are Too High: You’ve met someone who is interesting and has an impressive career or business into which you’d like to gain a foothold. Before assuming that the opportunities with this person are viable, our Legacy Business Solutions managers recommend that you slow down for a moment. Work on building a relationship with this person first. If it’s meant to be, your chances to form a meaningful bond will happen organically.

• Follow-Up Failure: Once you’ve established a contact, your next step is to keep in touch. Don’t simply stick a business card in a file and pull it out when the contact might be useful to you. Nurture this connection and you will find this person is a valuable individual with whom it’s worth preserving a friendly rapport.

Avoid these moves and you’ll find building a network is much easier.