Interview Basics Every Job Seeker MUST Know

Interview Basics Every Job Seeker MUST Know

One of the lessons savvy jobseekers learn is there is a formula to follow for interviews. In our Legacy Business Solutions office, we’ve seen several candidates who have shined because they realized the importance of these interview basics. Let’s discuss.

Résumés are the gateways to getting an interview. As we have observed through our Legacy Business Solutions recruitment process, it’s easy to do research to determine the veracity of qualifications someone has listed. Candidates should always list only real skills and experience. Integrity and honesty are far more valuable to an employer than impressive, yet unconfirmed credentials.

Preparation is a key to presenting ourselves in any situation. It’s something we discuss routinely during our Legacy Business Solutions onboarding process. When preparing for an interview, we should carefully research the company and learn as much as we can about their strengths and pain points. The more candidates can bring to the meeting to show they are interested and have the right skill set for the role, the better their chances of a positive outcome.

Lastly, it’s important to listen and smile. In fact, candidates who actively listen and then ask questions that indicate they have been paying attention tend to be viewed as impressive. This practice offers them a firmer edge in a crowded sea of applicants.

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