Highlighting Three of Our MVPs

Highlighting Three of Our MVPs

Putting excellent performers in the Legacy Business Solutions spotlight is a huge part of our culture. Caitlin, Tyler, and Brooke are the latest office MVPs to receive some well-earned recognition. Matthew, our firm’s CEO, explained that these driven account managers always exceed the status quo to lift our company to greater heights.

Caitlin’s positive attitude is infectious around Legacy Business Solutions HQ. She had no experience when she joined our team, but absorbed the key concepts of our training program in record time. Matthew added that Caitlin was promoted quickly due to her drive to succeed.

Tyler is a military veteran and all-around family man who sets a great example for everyone on our team. Matthew stated that Tyler is super motivated. He’s also invested in both his career and family. Tyler sets clear goals and measures his progress so he can make the right changes when needed.

Brooke came along during our expansion into Cleveland and is the youngest in our office to quickly achieve winning results. She’s also become the longest-tenured member of our team along the way. Matthew noted that Brooke reached the leadership level within a record-breaking timeframe. She continues to set a great example for those who join our team.

We’re lucky to have these top-flight performers in our office. Follow Legacy Business Solutions on Instagram for updates on all our outstanding account managers.