Create a Positive Impression When Speaking

Create a Positive Impression When Speaking

If you’ve been assigned to give a speech, even if it’s just a small presentation in your office, you know that you want to do a good job, convince your audience of your goal, and leave a positive impression. We make sure everyone gets a chance to practice this skill in the Legacy Business Solutions Inc office and, if they’re interested, have the opportunity to pursue bigger speaking engagements. To help coach our team, here are some of the tips we share on creating a positive impression:

• Tell a Story: People remember stories, so if you can illustrate your point with a compelling tale, you’ve created both a stronger memory and a stronger impression. Opening with an anecdote, closing with a story, or using a narrative throughout your speech are all effective ways to speak.

• Keep Your Content Relevant: While narratives are powerful, you want to make sure you stick to the relevant details of the tale. This keeps the pace of your talk moving and keeps you from getting bogged down in details that aren’t relevant to your point.

• Plan Your Talk: You’re much more likely to do a better job if you think through what you want to cover and have, at a minimum, a pre-prepared beginning and end. When we practice speaking at the Legacy Business Solutions Inc office, we focus particularly on starting and ending the speech strong.

Giving public presentations to groups small and large can be a great way to boost your career. Get all the practice you can beforehand and be sure to include a compelling story so people remember you and your talk long after the event. Follow Legacy Business Solutions Inc on Instagram for more tips on public speaking.