Corporate Wellness

“At Legacy Business Solutions we care for the health and well being of our team members. Introducing Billy Glowacki our company corporate nutritionist/personal trainer!”

About Billy Glowacki:

Bachelors of Science at Saginaw Valley State University 2013
Major: Exercise Science with a focus in Kinesiology
Minor: Coaching

• I am most interested in the human potential. An innate resource inside of people that is capable of unbelievable things. Although my expertise & speciality lies within sport performance, movement, training, program design & nutrition my greater passion is finding ways to optimize an individuals’ human potential by any and all means necessary. 
• I also love sports, working with kids and volunteering. 
Favorite part about working for Legacy Business Solutions .
• My favorite part about working with Legacy Business Solutions is the energy associated with the company and each of it’s team members. It stems from the leader of this company. It trickles down and positively impacts the entire team! Working for Legacy Business Solutions gives me a platform, a stage to work with other motivated and passionate individuals. I’m able to optimize aspects of their life that will dramatically improve their ability to perform and ultimately be successful.  

Unchained potential’s core values and what makes your business successful:

• This company is dedicated to hard work, patience, discipline, a healthy & enjoyable lifestyle and an ever evolving outlook & approach to training/nutrition providing the most optimal results.

My passion lies with helping individuals change their lives by setting, reaching and surpassing their health & fitness goals. I have an abundance of experience with athletes as well as the general population. I am in pursuit of changing the way people view health & fitness. With a scientific an objective approach to exercise, nutrition, sport performance & overall health I can ensure results that are attainable as well as sustainable.

Have you ever felt like you were working hard but the effort you were putting in was not equivalent to the results you were achieving? Keep in mind, sometimes we have to say “no to good” in order to say “yes to the best”. You have the potential to accomplish anything your mind can imagine. What you need is someone to equip you with the tools to unchain your potential. These tools are supported with scientific research & data to back it up. Unchained Potential stands to provide you with a structured plan for the most optimal results possible. It is so simple!! Notice I said “simple” and not “easy”. “Easy” denotes that there won’t be any hard work involved. “Simple” means you must put forth effort, but with that effort you will produce results! Let me give you the tools to unchain your potential & change your life!