Copycat With Legacy Business Solutions

Copycat With Legacy Business Solutions

As we all know, there are countless tips and tricks for acing a job interview. Some are more effective than others, and many of them depend on the context in which interviews take place. At Legacy Business Solutions, we’ve learned that much more than experience and education are needed to get a job. The ability to fit nicely into a company’s culture is an absolute must.

How do you prove that your personality and values will strengthen a company’s culture? It may seem a bit unorthodox, but we suggest that you become a copycat. Research has shown that mimicking someone discreetly will increase the chances (five times!) of being viewed favorably by that person.

Here are some tips from our Legacy Business Solutions hiring managers:

• Observe the Degree of Animation: Some individuals are highly animated communicators. They use lots of gestures with fluctuating tones of voice. Others are more controlled, with little movement or other expression. Pay attention to the liveliness of your interviewer, and adjust your behavior to match it.

• Follow Facial Expressions: Similarly, some people wear their emotions in their facial expressions while others stay rather blank and difficult to read. We at Legacy Business Solutions urge you to be just as expressive as the individual on the other side of the table.

These tips can’t take the place of good preparation, but they will surely make for a more successful interview. Good luck!