Building Company Culture With Pizza Tuesday

Building Company Culture With Pizza Tuesday

Our Legacy Business Solutions Inc culture is competitive yet fun. These two elements create an important balance: friendly competition keeps us sharp, while having a good time together ensures our professional relationships remain positive.

One of the best tools we’ve found for building our culture? Pizza! Every Tuesday we have a friendly contest where the entire team competes for free pizza. Only one of the lucky team members will have the chance to earn the free lunch with Matt, President of Legacy Business Solutions Inc, for which he is more than happy to spring.

“We find this to be extremely productive and positive for the team,” shared Matt. “Whoever does not win free lunch this week will have a chance to earn it the following week. If pizza is the main motivator, then we are all about it.”

Our experience is that when we’re having a good time at work, we get more done with the same amount of effort; and we have research to support our viewpoint. An experiment conducted by the Social Market Foundation at the University of Warwick selected 700 people at random and either showed them a 10-minute comedy clip, or gave them some food. Both groups were happy with what they got, but when subjects were asked to perform various tasks, the comedy clip people showed a 12-20 percent increase in productivity.

So there you have it; games and pizza equal profits and productivity! Find out more about our inspiring office atmosphere by following Legacy Business Solutions Inc on Twitter.