Legacy Business Solutions : Win the Office Party

Legacy Business Solutions : Win the Office Party

Your office holiday party is more than an opportunity to blow off steam and celebrate the year’s successes. If you approach it properly, the gathering can also serve as a springboard to help you reach your career goals. Our team at Legacy Business Solutions would like to offer some suggestions that will help you make a great impression on your colleagues and supervisors:

• Attend the Event: This is an important first step, and it is one that our team at Legacy Business Solutions recommends. Consider your office holiday party an obligatory event, because not going sends the message that you are not a team player.

• Understand the Dress Code: Ask about appropriate dress before the event. There are few things that are more uncomfortable than being inappropriately attired when you want to make a positive impression.

• Mingle With the Crowd: Don’t spend the party chatting with your normal clique from the office. Establish a goal to interact with two or three new people so you can broaden your network. This also helps others feel more comfortable at an occasion where they might not know many of the attendees.

• Say Thank You: At the end of the night, thank your boss and whoever hosted the party. When you express gratitude, you make a positive impression that lasts.

We at Legacy Business Solutions hope you will keep these points in mind when you attend work-related holiday functions.