Legacy Business Solutions : Win Every Review

Legacy Business Solutions : Win Every Review

Performance reviews are important elements in your career progress, but too many professionals sabotage themselves by not taking them seriously. Our Legacy Business Solutions leadership team has a few suggestions that will help you make your best case the next time your performance is evaluated:

• Focus on the Positives: Talk about the positive aspects of your job and how you can achieve your long-term goals. Don’t complain or offer excuses for anything that has gone wrong; discuss everything about your career with optimism and leave no doubt that you are excited about your future.

• Ask the Right Questions: You need to take advantage of this meeting with your supervisor to learn where you need to make improvements. We at Legacy Business Solutions recommend asking what you need to do in order to advance rather than asking when it’s going to happen.

• Be Prepared: It is essential that you show up for your performance review well prepared to make a positive impression. Make sure you track your accomplishments throughout the year so you have evidence of your progress when the time comes, and rehearse for the big day by roleplaying with a trusted friend.

Legacy Business Solutions ’ leaders recommend putting these tips to use the next time you face a performance review. They will help you make your best case for advancement while showing that you take the present seriously.