Legacy Business Solutions ’ Travel Hacks

Legacy Business Solutions ’ Travel Hacks

We send Legacy Business Solutions associates on a wide variety of business excursions, and they learn valuable lessons in the process. They have also picked up some helpful hacks to make their trips go more smoothly, and we are happy to share a few of them with you here.

The first thing we suggest is flying with the same airline, because this is the only way to really rack up mileage points and earn upgrades. This is made easier by the fact that many airlines have partners both domestic and abroad, so there’s really no excuse for not amplifying your rewards.

You also need to use private browsers as you shop for airline tickets and hotel accommodations, because companies are very savvy in their pricing strategies. If airlines and hotel chains can tell you’ve been shopping around, they won’t hesitate to boost prices. Clearing cookies from your browser is a technique we at Legacy Business Solutions have found useful.

Our Legacy Business Solutions leaders also recommend keeping a travel bag packed with toiletries, phone chargers, and adapters ready at all times. You don’t want to arrive at your destination only to go shopping for these staples, and having them ready puts your mind at ease just a tiny bit more.

We hope you will apply these strategies the next time you hit the road for work.