Legacy Business Solutions on Post-Interviews

Legacy Business Solutions on Post-Interviews

With all the time spent preparing for an interview, there’s a dearth of information on what job seekers should do post-interview. Our Legacy Business Solutions team proposes the following practices will improve your odds of landing your dream position:

• Ask How to Follow Up: As you’re leaving the interview, our Legacy Business Solutions experts recommend that you inquire about the decision-making time frame if the information is not offered. Ask for the interviewer’s contact information as well and with whom you might follow up should you have additional questions. If you are using a recruiter, do ask them for feedback if any is received and to follow up.

• Analyze Your Strategy: After you’ve had some time to digest your experience, do self-reflect on the questions asked, your responses to them, and what appeared to be effective. Write this information down for future reference. With each interview, you’ll find that your ability to shine becomes brighter.

• Send a Thank-You Note: Our Legacy Business Solutions suggest that you send two thank-you notes. The first is a handwritten letter on elegant stationary that thanks them for their time. This should go in the mail immediately. The second is an email sent to all reviewers, in which you not only express appreciation but reiterate valuable points.

Remember. your post-interview efforts are equally as important as what you do prior to your meeting. Good luck.