Legacy Business Solutions ’ Networking Tricks

Legacy Business Solutions ’ Networking Tricks

Networking is one of the many activities that doesn’t allow for instant success. There’s no short-term gratification there. Our Legacy Business Solutions team can attest that maintaining a dynamic group of contacts requires substantial time and effort. However, experience has gifted us with several insights that make the ordeal rather painless. Here are a few of them:

• Conduct Some Research: It rarely pays to walk into an event thinking you’ll just wing it. We at Legacy Business Solutions urge you to be strategic. Do some research on the function, and find out which speakers and industry experts will be present. Identify who you’d like to meet and focus on those few people.

• Be Fully Present: Showing up physically isn’t enough to foster meaningful connections with anyone. Engage yourself in discussions and ask insightful questions instead of glancing around the room or checking your phone.

• Follow Up: Finally, networking isn’t a one-and-done sort of effort. After the event, make a point to reach out to your new contacts. Connect on social media and let them know you enjoyed meeting them. Remind them you are available to offer your assistance and expertise as needed. Then, stay on their radars by sharing their content once in a while and forwarding articles they may find interesting.

Far more than a simple exchange of business cards, networking is a big investment that pays dividends. Use these Legacy Business Solutions tricks to streamline the process.