Legacy Business Solutions ’ Networking Insights

Legacy Business Solutions ’ Networking Insights

For many years, organizations specific to industries have been the go-to networking platforms. A new approach to connecting with others is quickly surpassing them, however. In 2011, Ryan Paugh and Scott Gerber founded the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC). It’s a group that consists of many accomplished leaders. Membership is by invitation only. Some of our Legacy Business Solutions have joined, with great benefit.

Gerber and Paugh created another community as well. It is also an invite-only group. FounderSociety requires members to have at least $250,000 in revenue or financing. They receive mentorship, media exposure, and access to private events. It’s quite the elite group!

At Legacy Business Solutions, we’re thrilled that Paugh and Gerber are happy to share their secrets to building these exclusive groups. Here they are:

• Go for a Vetted Democracy: Members of such groups are obviously vetted. As you create your own, be sure to put forth a clear set of eligibility standards. Also allow members to vote in new people. Doing so promotes fairness and ownership by all involved.

• Establish Common Ground: People in your group will feel more connected if you make it clear what they all have in common. Perhaps they all share a passion for shaping the next generation of leaders, for instance, or maybe everyone values social giving.

• Boost Access: Make all resources as accessible as you can. Share information, tools, services, and anything else you have to offer. Even the smallest efforts have the power to improve people’s career futures.

We at Legacy Business Solutions ask: will you heed Gerber and Paugh’s advice?