Legacy Business Solutions Highlights Bryan Pape

Legacy Business Solutions Highlights Bryan Pape

In 2006, at the young age of 21, Bryan Pape thought he was at death’s door. A brutal skiing accident left him alone in the snow, and in utter agony. His femur was broken, and he worried his femoral artery was severed. We at Legacy Business Solutions imagine that he was terrified!

According to Pape, “Everything before that had been about what I could do for myself. If I’d had my funeral then, people would not get up and praise me for the good I’d done giving back.” There was clearly more that he wanted to do with his life, much of which was inspired by his grandmother. His grandfather was a successful business owner, and when he passed away his wife created a philanthropic trust. Pape was a trustee, and he had plans.

Fortunately, he survived. As our team members at Legacy Business Solutions understand, Pape came up with a brilliant idea one day after hearing customer feedback during a shopping trip. He learned that people found reusable water bottles awkward and clumsy, so he invented better ones. In the process, he developed a passion for the fight for clean water. Pape eventually partnered with charitywater.org to donate $1 for every one of his products sold.

This was just the beginning for the young innovator. While on a mission to build clean water wells in Liberia, he discovered the necessity of bicycles in the country. That experience led to a bike company, through which one bike was donated in Africa for every bike purchased elsewhere. Pape also raised funds for a new high school in Nigeria, with plans to continue sending financial support.

At Legacy Business Solutions, we’re grateful that Pape survived his accident and followed