Legacy Business Solutions on Giving Companies

Legacy Business Solutions on Giving Companies

Throughout the past decade, business leaders have been placing more focus on philanthropy than ever before. In particular, the one-for-one model is quite popular among buyers. As its name implies, it allows a given business to commit to donating one offering for every one purchased. Allow our Legacy Business Solutions team members to present some leaders of this practice:

• Toms: Toms, of course, is a definite frontrunner in the one-for-one movement. For every pair of shoes purchased, a pair is donated to someone in need.

• LSTN Sound: By purchasing a pair of wooden headphones or speakers from LSTN Sound, you can support a foundation that provides hearing aids to people without the means to pay for them.

• BOGO Bowl: We at Legacy Business Solutions could never forget our four-legged friends. Buying a bag of pet food from BOGO Bowl means that an identical bag is given to a pet pantry, shelter, or similar group. The acronym even stands for buy one, give one.

• Humble Brush: Based in Sweden, Humble Brush offers eco-friendly, bamboo-handled toothbrushes. A disadvantaged child receives one every time one is purchased. On a related note, The Humble Smile Foundation supports oral hygiene programs all over the globe.

These are just a few of the many giving companies thriving in today’s social-minded world. Join Legacy Business Solutions ’ efforts to support them. You will not only receive some great products, but enjoy the knowledge that you made an impact.