Legacy Business Solutions Battles Stress

Legacy Business Solutions Battles Stress

When the country was in financial crisis in 2009, the folks at Goldman Sachs did something brilliant. Our experts at Legacy Business Solutions report that the firm’s leaders made a vital update to their employee wellness program. Instead of merely focusing on stress management, team members started building resilience.

The effort made a big (and positive) impact. These days, thousands of people in the company benefit from one-on-one coaching, lectures, and more. We use a similar training model at Legacy Business Solutions As such, we can attest to its value.

More specifically, the program covers topics like facing obstacles and setting goals. It goes far beyond stress management to include the concepts of prevention and treatment.

Laura Young is Goldman Sachs’ vice president of benefits and wellness. She indicates, “We define resilience as the state of health, energy, readiness, flexibility, and the capacity to adapt to change with confidence.” When someone is resilient, he or she is well-poised to succeed.

At Legacy Business Solutions, we have a similar notion of resiliency. Our take on this concept is that people who can bounce back are also alert, mindful, focused, and self-assured. They are not defeated by stress. Instead, they embrace it to perform better under pressure.

Do you have such a program at your office? If not, it may be time to follow the lead of Goldman Sachs.